Facebook Scam Promising "Free Southwest Tickets" Will Steal Your Data

Don’t be taken in by that offer on Facebook to get a free flight from Southwest Airlines. It’s not real.

A promotion floating around on the social-networking site is really a rouse to get access to your personal data, including username and password information.

Messages in your feed praising Southwest for giving users free flights is a scam to get people to click on a link, which then installs an app called “SW Gifts” which then logs into your account and can post statuses and access personal information. Eventually, users will be taken to this page:









After another round of inputting more information, the user thinks they’ve earned free tickets. Instead, their account will be hacked and the program begins posting on friends’ walls. And no one likes getting spammed.

If you or someone you know have fallen for the scam, you need to remove the program(s) you’ve unknowingly installed. There’s a quick guide and video to help you through it.

And make sure you apologize to your Facebook friends once you’ve cleaned the app off your profile.


Published: October 19, 2011