Some Airfares Drop for July 4 Holiday Weekend

Airfare expert and FareCompare CEO Rick Seaney has been looking ahead at ticket prices for Fourth of July holiday weekend flights and has good news to report: Some fares are cheaper than last year’s.

LISTEN: Hurry, says Rick – or you won’t save a dime.

Some Airfares Drop 6% for July 4

“We looked at average prices for top ten U.S domestic markets,” said Seaney, “and found on average prices dropped about 6% for the holiday weekend.” This includes travel from Friday, July 1 to Tuesday, July 5. Again, these are averages, plus you may not see such drops on all routes.

As Demand Slows, Fares Drop

Seaney attributed the price-drop to a slight decrease in demand compared to the summer of 2015; that year saw the highest demand for peak-summer travel since 2011. “There was no where else to go but down,” added Seaney.

How to Find Lower Fares for July 4

“Shop now,” said Seaney. He explained while some airlines require ticket purchases 30 days in advance to get the best prices, others – mainly low cost carriers – typically allow a shorter window. Another idea: Some airlines such as United offer special weekend fares, and will likely continue such deals for the July 4 weekend.

Or watch the fireworks in your hometown and look for deals later in the summer when fares drop significantly.


Updated: June 22, 2016