Scam Alert: Beware Fake American Airlines Email

The Los Angeles Times is reporting that as recently as November, phony emails have been going out under the guise of legitimate queries from American Airlines but they are in fact part of a scam.

Such fake messages, called ‘phishing,’ often seek personal information or passwords and could contain viruses or allow spyware on your on your computer.

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Examples of Fake Emails

The real AA website devotes an entire page to fraudulent emails and shows examples of fakes. These include the following:

  • Email about a cheap flight to New York you’ve supposedly purchased
  • Email offering $50 for survey participation
  • Email offering bonus miles and discounts

How to Tell Real Emails from Scams

Some of these emails look legitimate, while others do not. Here’s what the airline says you should look for to determine if a message is real or not:

“If you receive an email claiming to be from American Airlines, that asks for account information, it should be considered fraudulent.” AA website

Never click on any links included in such emails as that will only help the phishers fulfill their goals. If you have clicked on links, the airline advises you to immediately check your miles profile and account, then immediately change your password.

All emails believed to be fakes should be sent to American via and they will continue to investigate.

Remember, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is a scam.


Published: January 3, 2012