Report: Major India Airlines Compromise on Safety

Seemingly ominous news out of New Delhi: India’s regulatory body for civil aviation – the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) – has released an audit that indicates all major airlines in the nation are compromising on safety in order to cut costs.

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Safety Violations Found in India Airlines

According to India Today, the report states that “One airline does not report incidents that compromise on safety, another does not have the technology for two-way communication with its planes, the third appoints a top operations officer who is not a pilot and all Indian carriers face a serious shortage of aviation safety officials mandatorily required.”

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Cost-Cutting is Culprit but No Shut Downs Expected

As noted, problems were reportedly found in all carriers, but the most serious ones were said to be at Air India Express and IndiGo. While financially troubled Kingfisher Airlines had no safety-related incidents, the DGCA expressed concern that its money problems could prod it into skimping on maintenance.

The report said none of these carriers will be shut down as a result of the findings, but all have been told to take immediate steps to fix the problems.


Published: January 9, 2012