Outside Magazine: 'Best Destinations' Bucket List, Best Airline for Adventure Travelers

Travelers who appreciate the great outdoors – whether that means a climb at 20,000 feet or a dive to the ocean floor – will enjoy Outside’s 2012 Travel Awards, as the focus is on adventure.

Plus, Outside names its pick for best airline – though it may not be the carrier you’d expect.

Top Adventure Destinations

Awards were given in several categories and you can click on each destination name to find cheap flights to get you to these adventure locations.

Here’s an Adventure: New ‘Go Africa’ Pass

Outside’s Best Airline

Virgin America Miles – Now Good for Global Flights

When it comes to the best airline, the Sante Fe-based Outside stuck close to home by naming a U.S. carrier as “best airline” – Virgin America. It cited the airline’s “stellar customer service” which has been noticed by many in the business of creating best lists. As Outside put it, “It’s almost as if the flight attendants are happy to work there.”

Runner up: Southwest, another U.S. airline notable for customer service.


Published: March 21, 2012