Not Your Average Travel Stories: Week of May 21

Security threat: US Airways flight from Paris to Charlotte was diverted to Maine when a passenger claimed she had a surgically-implanted device in her. She didn’t. Plane landed safely, passenger landed in hot water. UPDATE: No criminal charges will be filed.

Taboo t-shirt: American Airlines passenger was unhappy about being asked to change her T-shirt before boarding a flight. T-shirt was emblazoned with slogan featuring the F-word.

You fly good, baby: While boarding a Trip Airlines flight in Sao Paulo, male passenger makes sexist remark about women flying planes. Woman flying his plane gives him the boot.

Packin’ pilot: Piedmont Airlines pilot is accused of carrying a loaded .357 Magnum on several flights without authorization. Crazy? Plenty of passengers do it.

Best way to avoid bag fees ever: American Association for Nude Recreation promotes nakations – similar to staycations, except you go somewhere and take your clothes off.

Sky proposal: Man hires total of six planes to skywrite “Will u marry me?” His intended says yes. Stay tuned for, “Will she still be smitten when the bill arrives?”

Paging James Cameron: Life-size female avatar coming to JFK, LaGuardia and Newark. She smiles, she reassures, she answers questions – yes, she is clearly non-human.



Published: May 25, 2012