Not Your Average Air Travel Stories: Week of Jan. 14

This week – a bunch of human heads, a very “special” flyer and nudity at the airport. Did we mention heads?

Grounded dreams: FAA says, “Park your 787s” so Dreamliners quit flying. Boeing can’t be happy. United Airlines really can’t be happy.

So what does United do next? United raises prices.

18 human heads: Customs at O’Hare is trying to figure out what do with a bunch of heads (medical specimens) that arrived from Rome with “confusing” paperwork. No foul play suspected but the heads have been sitting around for a while and here’s betting someone would like to clear off their desk. [Editor’s note: this isn’t our first human heads story]

Actual conversation heard in Delta’s first class cabin:

  • Flyer 1: “The flight attendant told us to turn off our phones, so please do so.”
  • Flyer 2: “Mind your own business.”
  • Flyer 1: “You’re sending a message that you’re ‘special’.”
  • Flyer 2: “I am special.”

Cheers, Southwest: Yeah, someone actually sued when the airline dumped its old free drink coupons and now, they’re inching toward settlement – if you have any expired coupons, don’t get left behind!

United’s less amusing lawsuit: Airline is sued for allegedly avoiding millions in taxes on jet fuel purchases via sham office with no computer. Perhaps United is just avoiding the Wi-Fi fee?

Naked no more: TSA is ditching the kind of airport scanners that critics said were waaay too revealing.


Updated: August 29, 2017