Not Your Average Air Travel Stories: Week of April 22

This week: angry planes, angry passengers, angry cabbies.

This better be the ‘best bag’: We love lists like this one for best carry-ons. Prominently mentioned is the Travelpro Platinum Magna Spinner Suiter for a mere $640 (but I’m sure it’s worth it!). Puts my non-spinning nylon gym bag to shame, that’s for sure.

What happens to old flight attendant uniforms: Sometimes they are recycled and turned into rugs (and sometimes they are recycled into costumes for Japanese ‘role playing’ clubs).

Oh, dear: TSA agents in Ft. Lauderdale make “macabre discovery” in carry-on – they found parts of a skull and teeth. But then, the TSA is used to finding strange things in bags.

How to pick-up girls/guys on planes: Turns out to be surprisingly simple! Tip: Don’t try this on any angry-looking sorority girls [you can Google it – if you dare].

Jack-pot, sort of: Remember that Lion Air crash where the plane landed in the drink off Bali? All survived, but for their “trouble” the airline is giving everyone $5,600. Is that enough?

The secret of Southwest’s success: Wall St. says the discount airline is making more money. Why? Higher fares. Ouch.

Get on the scale: Report claims 40% of U.S. travelers are OK with being weighed at the airport, and those who weigh too much should pay extra. Not surprisingly, the National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance is said to be less than thrilled by the idea.

Come to Vegas, we’ll take you for a ride: Cab drivers in Clark County overcharged airport customers by nearly $15 million last year. Trying to figure out what could possibly pass for a ‘scenic route’ in Vegas.

Quick, get out! Ominous message appears on flight status displays at Los Angeles International ordering everyone out due to emergency. Turned out to be a mistake.  Was there widespread panic as travelers fought to exit? Uh, this is LA we’re talking about. No one evacuated.

Angry planes: United flight from Los Angeles arrives in Sydney, hits bridge, suffers wing damage. Delta flight from LA overshoots runway in Columbus, Ohio, lands in mud. No one hurt but – what’s with these California planes?

Worst name ever: Eye-rolls over the the new facility in Little Rock – the only airport named for a former president and first lady – because locals call it “Hillbilly”. Get it? Hill – Bill – oh, never mind.

Passenger of the week (so far): Man on Singapore Airlines allegedly tells flight attendant, if he doesn’t get water, he will “blast” the plane. Yes, he was arrested and if convicted, he could get two years in jail but in Singapore, that’s not necessarily the worst that could happen.

Charlotteans debate airport control: It’s not that big of a story, just always wondered what you call people from Charlotte [and now I know].


Published: April 22, 2013