New and Little Known Airport Amenities: Attractions, Food and Fun

If you don’t know airports have tourist attractions, you haven’t flown in a while (and probably haven’t visited Singapore’s interactive butterfly exhibit/garden).

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New & Little Known Airport Amenities

Here are some of the amenities you can find in airports around the world these days, including new services and old favorites. Click the airport name to find cheap flights.

Take a nap: The airport’s Minute Suites are quiet, teeny tiny bedrooms with TV and WiFi connections located in Concourse B. $38 for the one-hour minimum. Also available in Philadelphia and DFW airports.

Eat and shop: New stores and restaurants for summer include TUMI (nice luggage), XpressSpa (nice massage) and Le Madeleine (nice cookies like the new Lemon White Chocolate Chunk).

Attention golfers, movies buffs: The airport has an onsite IMAX Theater and a 9 hole golf course (just outside Terminal 2).

Big Gulp: For those who’ve been hankering for a 32 ounce drink, a 7-Eleven will open in the Tom Bradley International Terminal on June 24. Hours from 6 a.m to midnight. This is the first 7-Eleven store in any airport, and we are guessing they chose Southern California for its inaugural location because Angelenos cannot live without their Big Bites.

Walk with a drink: This surprised us but it’s been in effect since last year; once you get past security, if you want to roam around the airport with a beer or other alcoholic beverage in hand, no problem. Perhaps the airport will launch a new ad campaign: “Like Bourbon Street with Planes” (or maybe not).

Free yoga: You probably knew you could stretch and flex on mats in special yoga rooms here but did you know this was free?

Gardens galore: An old favorite of ours. Walk in a garden and surround yourself with a thousand live butterflies. Need more nature? Changi International also boasts a cactus garden, an orchid garden with koi pond and an enchanted garden (see the enchanting details here).

Sooooo – what’s the best airport you’ve ever been to? Call us boring but we like the ones with on-time flights best.


Updated: October 27, 2015