New Airline Fees? Pros and Cons of Separate Seating for Adults, Screaming Kids, Pets

Fees to Avoid Screaming Kids on Planes

Would you pay a fee to sit in a special section of an airline? I’m not talking about first class or business class. Let’s say, a section that would keep you away from screaming kids on planes.

Plenty of people would jump on that. I’ve talked to some who are willing to pay as much as $50 per flight to avoid sitting near screaming kids on planes. In fact, some advocate separate planes altogether.

Adults-Only Flights

Not long ago, Ryanair, the ultra-cheap Europe-based carrier, issued a press release saying they were going to start implementing adults-only flights. It’s possible this was an April Fools’ joke or one of the carrier’s innumerable attention-getting proposals like, pay toilets on planes. So far, there is no evidence that either option is being seriously considered.

Separate Seating Fee Option Available Now

However, I should point out that some passengers already separate themselves from the “herd” by purchasing airline seats with extra legroom; typically such seats are just behind upper cabins. Since many families are priced out of this option, they become de facto kid-free quiet zones.

Possible Airline Fees of the Future

Here are some ideas for separate sections on plans that we of the “airline fee generation” just might see – and pay for – in the future:

  • Adults-Only Sections

Pros: A quieter flight experience; perfect for those who like to sleep on a plane.

Cons: You have more room if your seatmate is a child instead of a 300 pound adult in a tiny airline seat.

  • Family Sections

Pros: No one will give you dirty looks when the kids throw a tantrum.

Cons: Even parents like a little quiet time now and then.

  • Singles Sections

Pros: You have a long plane ride seated next to Mr./Ms. Right.

Cons: You have a long plane ride seated next to Mr./Ms. Wrong.

  • Pets Sections

Pros: Share your interest in CuteOverload with seatmates while Fifi dozes.

Cons: All that yapping in your section prevents Fifi from dozing; she joins the barkfest.

  • Peanut Gallery

Pros: A “no peanut zone” may help those with mild allergies.

Cons: Many who suffer from severe allergies, I’m told, would need a totally peanut-free plane.

What separate seating sections on planes would you be willing to pay for? I’d love to hear your suggestions (and I think we could have a lot of fun with this). Let me know on Facebook, and also let me know what you’d be willing to pay for your ideal airline section.

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Published: April 20, 2011