'Miracle on Hudson' Survivor Celebrates 3rd Anniversary with Birth of Baby

Don Norton, who survived that scary landing in New York City’s Hudson River three years ago, marked the anniversary date with the birth of his second child, a 5-pound 13-ounce boy.

‘Miracle’ Survivor Takes Drastic Step to Overcome Fear of Flying

US Airways Flight 1549 Hit Geese

Norton was one of 155 passengers and crew heading from LaGuardia to Charlotte on Jan. 15, 2009, when – just a couple of minutes into US Airways flight 1549 – the jet hit a flock of geese, disabling both engines. The next thing the passengers heard was the calm voice of pilot Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger telling all onboard to “brace for impact.”

And the Baby is Named – What?

Thanks to Capt. Sully’s skill, the plane landed gently and everyone got out alive. Including Norton. So did he call the new baby Sully or perhaps Chesley?

Neither. The little boy, who arrived Sunday, has been named Hudson.


Published: January 16, 2012