JetBlue Says New Partner Hawaiian Airlines Brings Islands Closer to New York

JetBlue has announced its new partnership with Hawaiian Airlines which executives say will mean new travel options to the 50th state for many flyers.

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JetBlue Flyers: Non-Stops to Hawaii in June

Beginning June 5, JetBlue will offer non-stop daily service between New York City (JFK) and Honolulu (HNL).

In the meantime, effective this week, the partnership with Hawaiian will mean what is called ‘seamless’ travel to Hawaii – with JetBlue flights from New York connecting in Los Angeles before going on to Hawaii. And Hawaiian Airlines offers several daily departures to the islands out of LAX.

Convenience for Passengers

Even though JetBlue doesn’t technically fly to Honolulu, its agreement with Hawaiian means flyers will be able to travel to the islands on a single ticket (instead of having to purchase one from JetBlue and one from Hawaiian).

[Keep reading below for the good news about the two airlines’ miles programs]

Hawaiian Airlines Launches New Routes to Maui

Benefits to Frequent Flyers

As JetBlue notes on its website, “Hawaiian and JetBlue have reached a preliminary agreement to allow members of each carrier’s frequent flyer program to earn and redeem loyalty points or miles for travel on either carrier.”

In other words, miles program members with either carrier will soon be able to redeem their points or miles for travel on the other airline’s network, adding sought-after destinations for members – like, Hawaii.


Published: January 24, 2012