JetBlue Raises Fee for Second Checked-Bag, First Bag Still Free

Most travelers will never notice this change, but a few will so it’s worth noting that JetBlue has increased the fee a second checked-bag from $30 to $40.

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First Checked-Bag Still Free

The airline continues to distinguish itself by allowing passengers a first checked bag for free (the only other U.S. carrier to provide free checked baggage is Southwest, which gives customers two of these bags at no charge).

JetBlue’s New Partner: Hawaiian Airlines

No other changes were noted in JetBlue’s baggage guidelines and the FareCompare fee chart for airlines around the world has been updated to reflect this latest change.

Second Checked-Bag Fee Increase in Effect Now

The $10 increase in JetBlue’s second checked-bag fee apparently went into effect on Feb. 3 and the airline understandably drew little attention to it, as rising fees – and fees in general – are not popular with passengers.

See the Worldwide Baggage Fee Chart

A good reminder to check your airline’s website before you fly, so you don’t get surprised by a sudden fee increase at the airport.


Updated: July 5, 2016