Jail Possible for Passenger in Alleged Plane Profanity Incident

Over the years, FareCompare has reported on several airline incidents featuring profanity or foul language and in most cases, the offending passenger was simply kicked off the flight.

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Arrest after Tiger Airways Flight

It’s much more serious for an Australian man who allegedly used bad language on a Tiger Airways flight Jan. 4 – he was arrested when the flight landed and could face jail time. Yet he’s fortunate in one respect – he could have also been hit by a cane.

Did Passenger Violate Singapore’s Modesty Laws?

Caning is a punishment meted out from time to time in Singapore (and other nations). It is reportedly one of the possible sentences for violating Singapore’s tough “outrage of modesty” laws which includes the use of bad language. In this case, some sort of disagreement arose between passengers and profanity was exchanged (allegedly) and a cabin crew member got involved. It’s not clear why the Aussie escaped caning but no doubt he’s relieved; Amnesty International refers to caning as torture.

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Airline: No Tolerance for Bad Behavior

An airline spokeswoman told the Australian media that, “Tiger Airways has a zero tolerance policy towards inappropriate behavior on board our aircraft.” An investigation into the incident is continuing. In the meantime, it’s been reported that the Aussie passenger is not currently in jail in Singapore but cannot leave the country since his passport has been taken by authorities.

No Drinking Reported in Incident

No one has reported  that drinking had anything to do with the incident but it has figured in countless bad behavior airline incidents in the U.S. and elsewhere – more than enough to prompt air travel analyst Rick Seaney to compile a list of 5 Dos and Don’ts for Drinking on a Plane.


Published: January 30, 2013