Jack the Cat Dies After Health Deteriorates

The amazing saga of Jack the Cat has ended sadly. The 5-year-old orange tabby was euthanized Sunday after his New York veterinarian decided he wasn’t going to get better.

Pet Cat Eluded Capture at JFK for Two Months

Jack’s story is pretty incredible: he escaped from his carrier in the American Airlines baggage area at JFK International, where he was set to fly to his new home in California. The animal then wandered the airport for the next two months, eluding capture by the airline and his thousands of Facebook fans until finally surfacing after crashing through a Customs room ceiling in late October.

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Cat’s Health Deteriorated

Unfortunately, Jack’s months with an uncertain food and water supply plus injuries sustained during his time on the lam left the animal with wounds that would not heal, and his doctor felt there was no other choice but to put him down.

American issued a statement offering its sympathy. Jack’s owner, Amy Pascoe, was flown to New York this past weekend so she could be with him during his final days.


Published: November 7, 2011