Israel's El Al Hacking Latest Cyber Attack on Air Travel

Passengers on El Al may want to take note of a new hacking attempt on the airline site. According to the AP, a group that claims to be of Saudi Arabian origin has been involved in ongoing hacking attacks on various Israeli websites including that of the national carrier El Al.

The airline’s site was down for a time, although it was working just fine when we checked just moments ago.

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No El Al Flights Affected

No flights have been affected, and the website does not contain “sensitive information” but authorities are being cautious. They also say they are instituting new security measures for the site and as a result some further disruptions may occur.

This is not the first time an airline has faced challenges from cyber space. American Airlines has reported email attempts to get personal passenger information, and Southwest has been the victim of a Facebook “free ticket” scam.

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More Hacking Targets – Including Zappos

Airlines are not the only targets. The website of the Israeli stock exchange was also “disrupted” and this morning, the CEO of U.S. online retailer Zappos – best known for its shoes – is asking its 24 million customers to re-set their account passwords after a cyber-attack.


Published: January 16, 2012