Hate Spirit? Tell Them Why and Get Free Miles … on Spirit

“This is either marketing genius or the dumbest thing I ever heard of,” said FareCompare travel analyst Rick Seaney, “and for the life of me I don’t know which it is.” He is speaking about a new marketing effort from ultra-low cost carrier Spirit called “Unleash That Hate.”

See for yourself; it’s one of five funny videos below.

Spirit’s Hatred Contest

Spirit is no stranger to hatred, sometimes the result of self-inflicted wounds like the time the airline denied a refund to a dying veteran. The main problem though is that while the flying public loves the low fares, they hate paying all the fees. The hate campaign is supposed to explain how fees keep fares low and it includes a miles giveaway.

To enter, tweet your hate – against Spirit or another airline – see the rules here. Contest ends July 31.

Best and Worst Airline Advertising Stunts

We’re not sure if these fun stunts are best or worst so we’ll leave that to you. They sure caught our attention.

  • Spirit’s Hatred Campaign

The video tells all. It features a few Spirit-bashing tweets including these immortal words: “A cheap seat for a cheap ass.” Adds Rick Seaney, “If flying Spirit is like taking castor oil, this campaign might be the Mary Poppins method of making people swallow, using a spoonful of sugar – or hatred.”

Ode to Hate from Spirit Airlines on Vimeo.


  • Air New Zealand’s Nothing to Hide Ad

This 2009 TV commercial raised eyebrows but you may not realize why unless you know that every crew member appearing in the video is naked – except for a painted-on uniform.


  • Southwest Hot Pants Ad

OK, we’re really going back in the time machine for this one, to 1972 and our apologies for the quality of the YouTube video but it’s so worth it. If you can’t hear the flight attendant (they were called stewardesses back then), here’s what she says:Remember what it was like before Southwest Airlines? You didn’t have hostesses in hot pants.”


  • WestJet Christmas Miracle

Everybody loved this one. The Canadian carrier pulled out all the stops to make a holiday miracle for lucky passengers. Genius video, genius marketing.


Published: July 9, 2014