Halloween Destinations: Cheap Flights to Haunted Hotels, Scary Cemeteries

For a good scare, you can always drive to a deserted Lovers Lane and wait for a deranged murderer with a hook-for-a-hand to show up. A better idea: Fly to a cheap destination with spooky attractions. We’ve got several, in the U.S. and Europe.

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U.S. Destinations for Halloween

Boston: When a city dates back to the early 1600s*, it’s only natural its attractions and hotels are teeming with ghosts including the Omni Parker House: “In a room on the 10th floor, guests have reported the sound of a rocking chair that kept them up all night. There are no rocking chairs in the hotel.” Boston’s historic graveyards are filled with spirits, too (or so they say) and there are plenty of ghost tours. Or head 15 miles north to Salem, home of the infamous witch trials. Or 50 miles south to the former home of accused axe murderer Lizzie Borden (she was acquitted of killing her parents) which is now a B&B. We suggest you try to ignore the hotel’s cheery motto, “Where everyone is treated like family”.

*Note to international readers: That’s old in the U.S.!

Dallas: Ghost Tours of Dallas offer new “Fright and Bite” dinner packages plus traditional tours. For thrills with your chills, head to Six Flags Over Texas, home of numerous ghost sightings. Or try Miss Molly’s Hotel in Fort Worth – a bordello at one point – and some of the girls supposedly still show up now and then (in purely spectral fashion, of course). Learn more here.

Denver: Beware of Cheesman Park, according to legend (which is exactly why you’d want to go there on Halloween). The park was built on a pre-Civil War era cemetery but reportedly not all the in-ground residents were removed and they’re not happy. They say you can still see “partially decayed entities – angry at being forgotten”. Who can blame them?

Los Angeles: Both nearby Disneyland and Knott’s Berry Farm have well-known Halloween celebrations. Or spend the night at the old Queen Mary ocean liner in Long Beach and maybe even see a ghost or two (check the pool area for long-ago drowning victims that supposedly make frequent appearances). Or try the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood and you might catch a glimpse of the late Marilyn Monroe.

Seattle: You’ll want to visit the Pike Place Market anyway, and the good news is, it is haunted (allegedly). The most common spirit to watch for is a Native American woman popularly referred to as Princess Angeline who died in 1896 (and was reportedly buried in a canoe-shaped casket). After the market was built on her old stomping grounds in 1907, the princess returned and we’re told is seen with great regularity.

Washington, D.C.: Try to get in a White House tour group (contact your congressman or woman) because that is one spooky abode – according to informed sources, anyway. Pres. Lincoln puts in regular appearances and was once spotted by Winston Churchill when he stayed at the White House: “He had just finished bathing and walked back into the suite where he saw Lincoln standing by the fireplace. He refused to sleep in that room again after that.” [Churchill, afraid? Don’t think so.]

International Destinations for Halloween

London: You can find a wonderfully scary story almost anywhere you go in Great Britain but it’s hard to beat the Tower of London. Watch for  Anne Boleyn: “Several people have reported seeing her headless body walking the Tower?s corridors”. Also keep an eye out for Edward V and his brother Richard, the two young princes imprisoned in the Tower and believed to have been killed there: “The ghosts of the children are often seen wearing nightgowns clutching each other in terror in the rooms of the castle.” For something a little different, take a 50 mile drive to the village of Pluckley in Kent which is reputedly the most haunted village in Britain; if you’re lucky, maybe you’ll meet the “Screaming Man”.

Paris: Since 1804, Père Lachaise Cemetery has been a who’s-who of departed souls from around the world including Balzac, Oscar Wilde, numerous Rothschilds and Doors lead singer Jim Morrison (his ghost is reported to be quite a wanderer). Or just go to the Eiffel Tower, scene of a legend that goes like this: Boy proposes to girl at top of tower; girl says no; boy pushes girl off the tower. Naturally, the girl’s ghost is now said to haunt the tower. If true – which we doubt – one can see why she refused him.

Happy Halloween. Got a scary tale from your own travels? We’re suckers for a good ghost story.


Published: September 10, 2014