Get to the Airport Early This Week. What to Do When You Get There

According to numerous media reports, the TSA will be in ‘enhanced screening’ mode this week as it processes more than 25 million passengers through the nation’s security checkpoints.

Get to the Airport Early

Travelers may find beefed-up security measures as well as extra officers on duty and more dogs patrolling the terminals. We do know the sheer number of travelers being scrutinized will probably slow us all down. A passenger’s best defense:

  • Get to the airport earlier than you normally would.

We recommend arriving an hour earlier than usual. Yes, you might have to wait, but this is why electronics were invented. We’re joking but one can certainly pass a pleasant enough our on a phone or pad.

How to Pass the Time in the Airport

Other suggestions:

  • Airport restaurants: GateGuru can help you find everything from the best deli sandwiches, homemade ice cream, sushi or subs. Here is their top 25 list.
  • Airport spas: Look for high-end pampering salons and chains like XpresSpa. Or find yourself a yoga room.
  • Airport children’s playground: From Boston to LA, children’s play areas are increasingly common in U.S. airports (and internationally). Here’s one list.

Reminder: Do not bring liquids through security in containers larger than 3.4 ounces, and do not attempt to bring real or replica weapons. Even a child’s toy may be confiscated if it’s realistic enough.


Updated: November 24, 2015