Frontier’s Tail Animals Travel in New TV Ads

For the first time, Frontier Airline’s famous “tail animals” (such as Larry the Lynx, above right) are getting off the planes and showing up at various vacation destinations to help hype Frontier’s new ad campaign, “Fares so low, everyone is flying”. By the way, these fares are low; check them out on our Deals Blog.

Frontier Animals Visit Amusement Park

For those of you saying, hey, I’ve seen Larry and Grizwald and Jack and Flip on TV before, you would be correct. However they stayed glued to their planes; now you can see them in action at an amusement park:

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Okay, so may “in action” was a poor choice of words (talk about stiff performances), but people love these guys. In fact, just last year, hundreds protested in Denver when it looked like Frontier’s parent, Republic, might do away with the animal mascots altogether. As Rick Seaney wrote at the time:

“The protestors were angry. ‘Save our tails!’ they shouted. Another shook a sign at the onlookers. ‘Let Flip Fly,’ it demanded. Clearly, this was not your average demonstration.” Rick Seaney for, March 2010

Iconic Animals and Brands

Face it, most people love animals and they are excellent promotional vehicles; among the airlines, Qantas has its kangaroo and Delta used to be home to Dusty the Air Lion (say “air lion” real fast). And some of the most iconic advertising symbols in history were animals, including Tony the Tiger and the Energizer Bunny. They become almost real to fans, which may explain why Frontier has gone to the trouble of creating a bio for Griz and all his pals.

Plus, in tough times like these, it’s good to see continued employment for anyone. Even Larry the Lynx.


Updated: November 16, 2015