Frontier Dumps Expedia but Airline's Fares Still Available on FareCompare, Other Sites

Frontier says it could not come to an agreement with airfare booking site Expedia – they do not say why but presumably it was a financial decision – so the Denver-based airline has removed all fares from Expedia [Editor’s note: we checked, they’re gone].

Frontier penalizes some of its flyers

Frontier Fares Still found on FareCompare

However, shoppers can still find Frontier fares on FareCompare via our other booking partners including Orbitz, Priceline and Travelocity – and Expedia is also available on the FareCompare site with its vast array of other airline fares. Plus, FareCompare regularly features Frontier airfare sales (as well as sales and offers from all other carriers) on its Deals Blog.

Frontier is not the first to drop out of a booking site. American famously pulled its fares from Orbitz about two years ago, but they returned within six months. Southwest, meanwhile, has never offered its fares on any third-party site and only allows bookings on Frontier has indicated it has no plans to go that far.

Frontier’s ‘tail animals’ and other iconic mascots

Frontier Rewards Some – But There’s a Catch

As FareCompare reported last fall, Frontier began trying to lure travelers to its site with offers of earlier seat selection and more miles. But there’s a catch: Shoppers may not get the cheapest flight. “The cardinal rule of saving on airfare is always compare prices,” says airfare analyst Rick Seaney. He adds that, any time a would-be travelers visits a single airline website – any airline’s – that shopper risks paying too much because there’s no way to see what all the other carriers are charging for tickets. It could be a costly mistake.


Published: February 26, 2013