Frontier and Southwest Drop Ticket Prices

FareCompare CEO and airfare analyst Rick Seaney has pinpointed two recent airfare price drops by Frontier and Southwest Airlines. “This is a rare occurrence,” said Seaney, adding, “I haven’t seen anything like this – two airlines that drop ticket prices – in several years.”

What makes the drops even more interesting is that they occurred in the midst of other actions to hike airfares, initiated by other carriers.

Frontier and Southwest Lower Airfare Prices

According to Seaney, the price-decrease activity took place within the past seven days.

  • Southwest: On April 26, the Texas-based carrier dropped airfare prices $10 round-trip. The decreases were seen on airfare for short, medium and long-haul domestic flights.
  • Frontier: On April 21, the Denver-based airline lowered its airfare a minimum of $14 round-trip.

Note: We contacted both Southwest and Frontier to find out why they dropped prices; Southwest told us they don’t discuss pricing, and so far, there has been no response from Frontier.

When to Buy the New Lower Airfare

Seaney said, “In both cases, base airfare prices dropped for purchases made within 7 days in advance, and these drops were not related to any sale activity.” He also noted the the price-drops were unrelated to the airfare hike attempt actions by other airlines (most failed though one is still in progress).

Best time to buy: Beyond the 7 days before departure window and you can buy as early as 3 months before departure.

We will update with further information as we learn more.


Updated: May 3, 2016