Frontier Airlines to Stop Serving Chocolate Chip Cookies

Frontier Airlines has told employees that it will discontinue the iconic tradition of serving its free, baked-on-board chocolate chip cookies on flights beginning in May. This is a money-saving move that will let the airline stick to what it does best which is offering cheap flights.

Airline Food – What’s Hot, What’s Not

Goodbye, Cookies

As air travel industry analyst Rick Seaney noted, “For most U.S. airlines, the era of free chips (chocolate, that is) and dips on planes is over.” For elaborate freebies, Seaney suggests looking at the more frills-oriented airlines of Southeast Asia. By the way, the last free meal served in coach on a U.S. carrier in this country was aboard Continental, which discontinued the practice in the fall of 2010.

The Airline with Food Good Enough for a Cookbook

Midwest Originated Warm Chocolate Chip Cookies

Also ending – finally – the Midwest Airlines era. That’s the airline that originated the famous warm cookie, and when Frontier’s parent Republic gobbled it up in 2009 and merged the two carriers, Frontier continued to serve the popular snack. However, that will end when the current supply of cookie dough runs out.

Cookie Replacements: $1 Crackers

In its place, Frontier will serve goldfish crackers and animal crackers and to add insult to injury, the new snacks will cost economy passengers a buck (free in the upper class cabin).

Advice to Frontier flyers: forget the diet and eat the cookies while you can, since soon there will be nothing left but warm memories.


Published: April 2, 2012