Fourth of July: Airline Sales, Airport Festivities and a Reminder from Security

This year, the July 4 holiday falls on a Wednesday, which is creating something of a dilemma for travelers trying to maximize vacation days (from 2008 through 2011, Independence Day fell on a Friday, Monday or weekend day), but this hasn’t stopped the airlines from celebrating with sales.

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Airlines Start Sales Early, Deals from $39

Airlines that traditionally launch sales on Tuesdays are trying something new this week, by offering their specials 24 hours earlier – these include AirTran and Southwest.

Others kicking-off the Independence Day week with airfare deals include Frontier (with prices as low as $59 one-way), and JetBlue which features fares good for summer and fall starting at just $39 each-way.

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Airport Concert, Fight Jet Fly-over

Some of the nation’s airports are getting into celebratory mood as well. Passengers flying in or out of Orlando’s busy international airport on the evening of June 30 got a chance to hear a patriotic concert from the Orlando Philharmonic, while tiny Griffin Spalding Airport outside Atlanta will offer everything from fireworks to food and music on the 4th of July. Those who will travel along the South Carolina coast this Wednesday will be treated to a low-altitude fly-over by F-16s at 1pm on July 4. This Salute to the Shore will be visible from a variety of locations including Hilton Head.

TSA – Good Stuff and Very Bad Stuff

TSA: No Fireworks, Please

A final note on the upcoming holiday: TSA’s airport security screeners want to remind travelers not to attempt to carry fireworks (or other banned items) through security checkpoints. While this may seem obvious, clearly it is not. The TSA Blog is filled with posts about passengers trying to get through security with everything from rocket launchers, grenades and loaded handguns – and yes, even fireworks.


Updated: February 9, 2016