Flight Attendants Do Lady Gaga and No-Seat Flights

The Lady Gaga Video

Flight attendants really hate it when you don’t pay attention to their safety instructions – which is as it should be – safety is the main part of their job.

But it’s so boring, you say. True, true. That monotous litany where they tell you how to buckle your seat belt and how to “put your own oxygen mask on first, before assisting others” does not make for racing pulses.

Boring Safety Instructions

You could probably recite it in your sleep. In fact, half the passengers probably are asleep when the flight attendants start pointing out the main exit doors…ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ.

So, some airlines try to jazz things up. Like Southwest’s rapping flight attendant (he’s good).

View the Viral Video

Then there’s the flight attendants of Cebu Pacific Air. This carrier, based in the Philippines, has got some very inventive flight attendants – who love their Gaga – and their safety lectures. And I think you will too – take a look:

Passenger with No Seats Fly Anyway

Okay, you’re done dancing and now you want to go back to your seat. But what if you didn’t have a seat?

That’s what happened to six people on a Tatarstan Airlines flight (here’s the link to the airline’s site – it’s in Russian, and sadly, my high school classes in that subject are of little help to me now, not that I expect it to say, “we’ve got seats – for some of you!”).

According to our friends at Gadling, the original plane was switched out for a smaller one – and the new aircraft did not have enough seats.

Sitting (or Dancing?) in the Aisles

Apparently, the “extra passengers” were told if they wanted to make the trip from Turkey to Ekaterinburg, they’d just have to sit in the aisles. And they did. Or they stood. Or they did something (maybe they danced to Lady Gaga music?) but they did not sit in an airline seat.

And you think you’ve got it bad in that middle seat of yours. Hah!

Why do I think I hear the sound of Ryanair’s Michael O’Leary having a good laugh?


Published: October 6, 2010