Five Ways to Help Travelers Find Cheap Flight Deals on Twitter and Facebook

If you think Twitter and Facebook are kid stuff, you are losing out.

I know, I know – you may not want to be “friends” with strangers, or “follow” the innermost thoughts of family and colleagues (“I am going 2 take the dog 4 a walk now”).

But what if Twitter and Facebook could save you money on airfare? They can – and here’s how:

5 Tips to find Deals on Twitter

Step 1 – Signup and create a Twitter account:

Yes, you can do this – it’s very simple.

Step 2 – Give Twitter access to your address book:

No this isn’t a scam, it’s simply a way for Twitter to find your friends who are already on this social network – so you can share with them and they can share with you (which is what gathering “followers” on Twitter is all about)

Step 3 – Follow your favorites (and search terms):

You have companies and brands you prefer – so follow them on Twitter. Find them by using Twitter “hashtags” such as #cheapflights or #traveltuesday or #flightdeals or #[the name of your favorite airline]

Step 4 – Twitter is all about Real-time Tweets:

Twitter gives you real-time information via tweets or messages (more so than Facebook), meaning, flight deals you hear about on Twitter don’t last long. So you must stay connected to get these cheap flights.

Download an easy-to-use tool like Twitterberry for Blackberry devices or Tweetdeck for iPhone so you stay connected, no matter where you are.

Step 5 – Be Involved: Participate and Ask Questions:

With Twitter, you can send a tweet directly to a company or brand.

Name the brand in your tweet, even multiple brands in your tweets, especially competitors vying for your business. Every company has someone monitoring every and any tweet that mentions its name. You may not get a ‘free’ ticket out of this, or even a discount – but you never know – and at the very least, you’ll likely get tips and advice to put you on the right path.

5 Tips to find Deals on Facebook

Step 1 – Sign-up and create your own Facebook page:

It’s not just for kids anymore.

Step 2a – Find your friends:

Connect with old friends, and make new ones. And not just “real” friends: your favorite TV characters are on Facebook (like Dwight from “The Office”) and so are popular stores (like Macy’s) and even charities. Just “friend” these people and entities, and you’re half-way there.

Step 2b – Show what you Like:

Let people know what you “like” – meaning, give your approval to a favorite brand or company, such as FareCompare, Virgin America, JetBlue and others – and these new “friends” will reward you with special deals found nowhere else. You’ll see some featuring Facebook-only deals, contests and offers – don’t miss out.

Step 3 – Let Facebook know what you enjoy:

Click “Edit my Profile” under your picture to add “interests” – anything that would be good for airfare such as “travel deals” or “cheap flights” and more, and Facebook will see to it that anything related to that heads your way.

Step 4 – Join the conversation:

Every now and then, update your status – and add to your “like” list. Participation is the secret to an enhanced Facebook experience.

Step 5 – Stay in the loop by staying connected:

Deals come and go quickly, and you have to hear about them to take advantage of them, so stay connected to Facebook via your smart phone, or, log in when you can throughout the day.

See FareCompare CEO Rick Seaney talking about deals on Twitter and Facebook, on CNN Money – it’s a fun video.

And see below – as Rick talks about deals on Twitter and Facebook on WFAA’s “Good Morning Texas”.


Updated: November 9, 2015