Federal Probe into Alleged TSA Lapses at Newark Airport Intensifies

Several news organizations are reporting that a “burgeoning federal probe” into alleged problems with TSA screeners at Newark Liberty International (EWR) has turned up officers sleeping on the job and failing to screen luggage for potential bombs and anything else.

TSA Thefts at Newark Airport

TSA Screener Failures Alleged

At least one TSA officer in Newark – a 10-year veteran – has been suspended in the latest investigation for failure to screen at least two bags. Although this was spotted almost immediately and the bags did not make it onto any aircraft, it also caused two planeloads of luggage to be unloaded and rescreened.

Other officers were reportedly recorded on hidden surveillance cameras as they slept on duty.

Newark is Not ‘Worst Airport in America’ (but it is up there)

Earlier TSA Arrests

Last fall, a TSA officer based at Newark was sentenced for his part in a series of thefts, including one incident where he was secretly recorded taking $5,000 from a woman passenger’s purse. His supervisor was also implicated in the thefts and was sentenced to prison.


Updated: November 16, 2015