Drinking on Planes: When and Where Most Alcohol is Consumed

We won’t keep you in suspense. According to a survey by GuestLogix, which provides onboard services for airlines, more alcohol is consumed on flights to Las Vegas than any other destination in the continental U.S.

Five dos and don’ts of drinking on a plane

Las Vegas Flyers: One-Way Drinking

Typically Vegas flights bring in an average of $99 per flight which is about double the industry average. On the way home, it drops to $49 possibly because the passengers have left most of their money at the casinos. However, as the LA Times points out, “travelers flying to cities in Hawaii and Alaska spend the most of any U.S. destination” but that’s because there’s more time to spend money on drinks because these are generally long-haul flights.

Note: Before you picture planeloads of partying drunks, remember these figures are per flight, not per passenger. We wouldn’t want to give Sin City a bad reputation.

If you think drinking on planes is bad, better skip this

Busiest Drinking Day: Thursday

Other interesting facts about drinking on planes comes to us from and earlier Associated Press story:

  • Most onboard drinks are consumed on Thursdays
  • Least popular drinking day is Monday
  • Busiest week for drinking: Spring Break
  • Slowest week for drinking: Post-Christmas and New Year’s flights

Most Innovation Drink Idea

Credit Virgin America with coming up with what is either an innovative idea or what some have called creepy: the ability to send a drink to a fellow passenger. We’ll just call it in-flight flirting (and you can see the amusing video that explains it all, here).


Published: August 19, 2013