Despite Some Confusion, New Airfare Ad Regulations Still Take Effect Jan. 26

New requirements of the U.S. Department of Transportation “Enhancing Airline Passenger Protections” rule will still go into effect toward the end of the month – the best-known provision being the requirement that all advertised airfares include all taxes and fees – but a narrow part of the bag fee provisions will not be immediately enforced.

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Full Airfare Price Ads Start Jan. 26

Headlines such as “Consumers Will Wait” have prompted questions about the timing of the new airfare transparency regulations, but a DOT spokesman told FareCompare today that the requirement for what some are calling “full fare ads” is still scheduled to go into effect on Jan. 26.

Narrow Bag Fee Enforcement Exemptions

In fact all requirements will be in effect by then. What’s changed is that some of the provisions regarding baggage fees – including the demand that all bag allowance and fee information be included on e-ticket confirmations, and that bag fees that apply at the start of an itinerary remain the same throughout a journey that begins or ends in the U.S. – will not be enforced under certain narrow circumstances.

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A Nod to Technological Snarls

This is a nod to reality, particularly the difficulties of synching unrelated technological systems. For example, circumstances where bag fee provision enforcement will not occur immediately include codeshare itineraries of different airlines on international flights.


Published: January 10, 2012