Department of Transportation Warns Against Air Travel Package Super Bowl Scams

As it does around this time every year, the Department of Transportation is warning consumers about the possibility of Super Bowl tour package scams – specifically, scams that appear to promise game tickets, but fail to produce any.

Such Super Bowl packages may include airfare and a hotel, but that’s it.

DOT: At Last – Honesty in Airfare Ads

No Complaints Yet

As the DOT’s Bill Mosley told FareCompare, “There have been no complaints at this point,” but they like to keep consumers informed of their rights and the possible problems they may encounter.

And consumers do have specific rights in such cases.

Your Rights Regarding Advertised Travel Packages

Under DOT consumer protection rules, any operator marketing a Super Bowl air package that is promoted as including game tickets must have the tickets in hand or have a written contract for the tickets before the operator does any advertising.

Heading to Indy’s Super Bowl? Better Read This

When Refunds are Required

If a game ticket is not specifically mentioned in advertisements, the ticket is probably not included.  However, if a tour is described as including a game ticket and you do not receive one, you are entitled to a full refund of the entire package price upon your return.

How to File a Complaint

Anyone encountering problems is urged to file a complaint with the Aviation Consumer Protection Division. Too bad there’s no way to file a complaint about the high price of airfare to Indianapolis in early February.


Published: January 20, 2012