Delta Drops a Fee – Phone Call Reservations Now Free

This is news. An airline actually dropping a fee. Nice one, Delta but you’re not the only airline that doesn’t charge for phone reservations.

LISTEN: Fee disappears! Rick Seaney agog!

Delta Drops $25 Phone Call Fee

In the past, Delta charged $25 for the privilege of booking a reservation by phone – the price of talking to a live human being – but, no more. At least, not if you call within the U.S. The airline still charges from $25 to $35 for phone calls for “tickets issued in select European countries.” Otherwise it’s free.

Phone Call Fees for Other Airlines

Most U.S. airlines still charge a fee for phone reservations. A few examples:

  • Spirit: $35
  • American: $25
  • JetBlue: $25
  • United $25
  • Virgin America: $20
  • Southwest: $0

That’s right, Southwest doesn’t charge for this, either. Will others join Southwest and Delta in dumping the phone fee? If so, we will update.


Updated: April 20, 2016