Holiday Travel Tip: Sign Up for Airfare Alerts to Get Cheapest Flights Possible

Holiday Travel Tips – Airfares are Rising

This is the time of year when the airlines play “gotcha!”

They know you want to fly, and they will charge as much as they can get away with. As I noted recently (and was quoted as saying in today’s USA Today article “Holiday Airfares Flying Higher“), domestic airfares are up an average of 17% over last year for travel late this month, in late December and very early January.

But even though flights are a higher this year, there’s no reason to spend a penny more than you have to. I call it, getting the “best bad deal” or getting the best airfare available. A good resource to check out is the FareCompare Flight Tracker.

Not sure where to head for the holidays? Our new Where-to-Go Getaway Map has tons of destination ideas and you can even name your own price.

Tips to Save on Holiday Flights

More tips on getting the best airfare available:

  • It takes less than sixty seconds to sign up for our airfare alerts which let you know in real-time when the best deals are available from your airport.
  • Be Flexible. Fly the days (and times of day) when the best deals are available. Our deals blog will help you with the latest sales and specials.
  • Avoid Airline Surcharges and Fees. Use our handy airline “peak travel day” surcharge chart to avoid travel on surcharge days, or fly when surcharges are cheapest; and check out our domestic airline fee chart to avoid those pesky fees.

Last Minute Deals on Thanksgiving Flights

Haven’t got your Thanksgiving airline tickets yet? No problem. Use the FareCompare Thanksgiving Flight Finder to find the cheapest Thanksgiving flights available. It may not find you a stunning bargain – but it will find you the best airfare available.

It will also save you hours of hunting and pecking on the computer, because we show you the all your favorite airfare shopping sites in one convenient place – on

So – get busy, and get your flight.

Video: Five Ways to Screw Up Holiday Airfare Purchases

Time is running out for getting the cheapest deals for holiday flights. But don’t panic—that’s when mistakes happen. Take a look at my airline ticket purchasing tips so you can avoid making mistakes—and get the best last minute deal possible.

3 Easy Ways to Get Your FareCompare Airfare Alerts

The best way to get last minute deals for Thanksgiving and holiday flights? Sign up for free FareCompare Airfare Alerts now for price changes to your destination in real-time.

If you’ve got sixty-seconds, you’ve got time to sign up. Choose the way you want to get alerts:

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Published: November 8, 2010