Cell Phones on Planes – Another Airline May Say, Okay

Singapore May OK Cell Phones on Flights

The great debate continues – to call or not to call on a plane?

The latest entry into the cell-phones-on-planes argument is…Singapore Airlines.

According to Hugo Martin in the Los Angeles Times, the airline known for superb food and service is outfitting planes for internet service – and, so passengers can use cell phones in the air. This probably won’t be complete though for a couple of years. But when it is, what – will this fine airline be turned into an international inflight gabfest?

The thing is, the powers-that-be at Singapore haven’t decided whether to allow the use of cell phones on board. Should they or shouldn’t they?

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They certainly wouldn’t be the first airline: you can gab away on Emirates flights, and Mexico okayed calls in its airspace last year.

The U.S., however, still opposes it: both the FAA and the FCC still ban cell phones on planes, so don’t worry about sitting next to someone spilling their guts over a failed romance on a domestic flight. But – would you like to spill your guts about a lost love while flying?

Cell Phone Manners – An Oxymoron?

The debate isn’t just about the safety of cells-on-planes; there’s the etiquette aspect, too.

What if you were trying to sleep on a long-haul flight, but couldn’t because your seatmate wouldn’t get off the phone?

And yet – it could come in handy if you had to work during your flight, right?

Make Your Voice Heard on Cell Phones on Planes

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Photo from IK’s World Trip on Flickr


Updated: August 29, 2017