Business Travelers: Top 5 Cities They Hate to Travel To

Traveling for business has never been exactly easy, but many believe it’s harder than ever these days because of companies cutting back on perks like business class and those long lines at security checkpoints.

What Business Travelers Hate about Planes

The difficulties were underscored in a new poll from ON24, a virtual conferencing website, which reports that 92 percent of Road Warriors surveyed are fed up with business travel (note that the 3,756  surveyed were registrants for a “virtual conference”).

The worst part about flying:

  • 53 percent said, sitting in a middle seat.

How to Fly First Class or Business Class for Less

Business Travelers’ Worst Cities

The ON24 pollees were asked to choose which cities they would “avoid for a convention or trade show if a substitute virtual event were available” – and here are the five that made their worst cities list:

  1. Houston – 49.3 percent
  2. Los Angeles – 41.7 percent
  3. Orlando – 37.5 percent
  4. Miami – 33.3 percent
  5. Chicago – 27.8 percent

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No reasons were given, but some media reports cited Houston’s steamy weather and LA’s traffic. The favorite city of these Road Warriers? San Francisco.


Published: December 15, 2011