BlackBerry Executives Get Drunk on Air Canada Flight, Pilots Turn Plane Around

Two BlackBerry executives got so drunk on a flight to Beijing the pilots turned the plane around mid-flight.

Research in Motion executives George Campbell and Paul Wilson boarded an Air Canada flight Tuesday bound for Beijing from Toronto, but the two never made it, according to the Toronto Star. Instead, once the plane was in the air, they got drunk and failed to listen to the flight crew.
Take a listen as we talk about drinking on planes, and what it leads to.

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While flying over Alaska, the pilots decided to turn the plane around, taking Campbell, Wilson and 331 other passengers back to Canada, landing in Vancouver. The executives were “forcibly restrained” by the flight crew, and upon arrival at the airport, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police were there to greet – and arrest – them.

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Each executive was given a suspended sentence and one year’s probation. They also each have to pay Air Canada $35,878 and are barred from flying or having contact with Air Canada during that one-year period.

In addition, they’ve been suspended from RIM.


Published: December 2, 2011