Best Holiday Travel Deals: Forget Christmas, Fly Festivus

Remember the Seinfeld episode about Festivus? [Video below] The wacky alternative to Christmas is actually celebrated by some on Dec. 23 – or so says Wiki – and while you may not be a Festivite, you may want to reconsider, if only to save on holiday flights.

Festivus: Cheaper than Christmas

Take a look at our Festivus graphic. After analyzing more than 31,000 itineraries + airfare prices (from data collected Dec. 3), FareCompare determined that travelers booking flights departing on or after Dec. 21 and returning Dec. 25 were three times more likely to get better deals compared to those booking traditional Christmas itineraries.

There are still ways to find the best possible flights for Christmas, and the Festivus itinerary is one possibility, especially if you return late on Christmas Day. But for optimal savings, it’s like Seinfeld’s buddy Frank Constanza used to say: “Festivus for the rest of us!”


VIDEO: Happy Festivus.


Updated: December 11, 2014