Bad Day for Passengers – Plane, Bus and Monorail Mishaps

Wednesday was a hard luck day for more than a few travelers, but all survived to tell the tale. Some of the stories were pretty harrowing, though. We begin with the airline passengers.

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Stuck on Hot Allegiant Plane

It was hot in Phoenix – over 100 degrees – and may have been even hotter for the Allegiant passengers who were stuck on what was described as a “roasting” tarmac for more than two hours with little or no air conditioning. According to an airline spokesperson, the delay was the result of “maintenance issues including a broken microphone.” The flight crew was said to be apologetic and accommodating.

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Stuck on Bus for 30 Hours

Next up, what’s been called the bus ride from hell which began with a “shimmy” in the back of an ABC Tours bus bus traveling from Durham, N.C., to New York City which led to the first delay. Later, passengers reported smoke in the bus which led to a second. Some stayed aboard the sweltering bus while others walked to a nearby rest stop where they “slept on chairs and tables” in a café. Eventually they arrived in the Big Apple, nearly 30 hours after the journey began. UPDATE: An earlier edition of this story wrongly identified the bus company; this has now been corrected.

Stuck on a Monorail

Dozens of passengers were stuck on a monorail at the California State Fair in Sacramento this week after service was disrupted due to what was believed to be some sort of power outage. According to reports, “two scissor lifts, with a platform, and a ladder truck” were needed to get everyone down safely.

We’ve heard of no train mishaps this week, although Grand Funk Railroad is expected to appear at the fair over weekend. Fingers crossed that all will go well.


Published: July 18, 2013