August 25: The Day You Should Take Your Summer Vacation

If you’re hoping to find cheaper tickets for summer vacation, you can. But you will have to be a little patient since most summer prices don’t drop until Aug. 25. Just like we’ve been telling you.

Prices Drop Aug. 25

As you will see from a quick perusal of the Deals Blog, Aug. 25 – a Monday – figures prominently in many of this week’s best airline sales. And many of the deals are very good indeed:

All four sales are good for travel beginning Aug. 25. All of them also expire at midnight tomorrow (June 5) so if you like what you see, hurry.

Aug. 25 Works for UK Flyers, Too

FareCompare recently posted advice for travelers from the United Kingdom on the best time of year to visit the U.S. and once again, Aug. 25 was noted as the date when transatlantic ticket prices drop (and they get even cheaper beginning in late October).

What You Can Do to Save

If possible, delay your vacation until the end of August.  If you can only get your return trip in during that period, at least you’ll reap some savings and saving anything during a peak season like summer is worth it.

Remember the date – Aug. 25. Just like we told you.


Published: June 4, 2014