American’s Free Entertainment for Economy Passengers

This is nice: American Airlines says starting sometime this month, it will offer “complimentary premium movies, TV shows, music and games in the Main Cabin on domestic flights offering seatback entertainment systems or Wi-Fi streaming.” Free shows for economy/coach fliers!

American’s Free Entertainment

This is great for anyone with a personal electronic device – or anyone seated in an American plane with a seatback screen, which Travel+Leisure says is about a third of the fleet. Per the AA website, offerings will include HBO’s “Game of Thrones” and “Silicon Valley” as well as new movie releases such as “Captain America: Civil War,” “The Boss” and “The Lobster.”

Why is the airline doing this? To continue to “elevate the customer experience” it says. Or maybe to keep up with Delta with began offering free entertainment earlier this summer.

As for United – while we enjoy the free Stroopwafel – we await any changes in your inflight entertainment policy and will update this post if anything happens.


Updated: August 23, 2016