American Miles Program Changes to Pay-More-Earn-More Model

Maybe the only thing surprising about the latest changes to American Airline’s AAdvantage Miles program is, what took them so long?

American Miles Program Winners: Business Travelers

According to its press release, “flights marketed by American will earn award miles based on the price of the ticket purchased” and this takes effect Aug. 1. And the higher the elite status, the more miles earned. Good news for some.

  • Business travelers – with elite status – typically pay more because they buy expensive last-minute tickets.

Delta began the trend back in 2014, with United following suit a short time later. Perhaps American was too busy settling into its merger with US Airways to take part – until now.

American Also Adds New Elite Status Level

In addition to pay-more-earn-more, the American miles program will add a fourth status level called Platinum Pro. Currently there is Gold, Platinum and Executive Platinum; here’s what the new levels will look like:

  1. Executive Platinum
  2. Platinum Pro
  3. Platinum
  4. Gold

Tip: There is a wealth of information about all this on American’s AAdvantage page.

So – another miles program goes pay-more-earn-more – leaving more and more travelers are wondering if it pays to be loyal. For some, absolutely; but for an increasing number of folks particularly leisure travelers, not so much.


Published: June 6, 2016