American Drops Meals for Some Travelers in First Class, Business Class

While several airlines are boasting about new perks for elite travelers, American Airlines is bucking this trend – in a small way, admittedly – by dropping meal service on some flights.

VIP lounges – the wonders within

Meals on Some Flights End Sept. 1

According to the Associated Press, meal service will be discontinued as of Sept. 1 for first class and business class flyers on some flights lasting less than two hours and 45 minutes. The AP also notes this brings the carrier in line with US Airways which merged with AA last year to form the “new” American. Bottom line: If you were hankering for chicken or pasta, you’re out of luck – but there are a couple of bright sides.

  • Bright side number one: You’ll still get those warmed mixed nuts!
  • Bright side number two: Some popular business routes appear to be exempt from the new no-meals policy, including travel from New York to Chicago.

What Economy Passengers Say

Folks in the  cheapest seats most likely say, join the club since they’ve been doing without meals since 2010 when the last freebie in coach was served in the continental U.S. (appropriately enough, on Continental).

However, since first and business class travelers are presumably not used to such Spartan conditions, FareCompare will provide suggestions for “food to bring from home” in a blog post later this week.


Published: August 5, 2014