American Airlines Set to Cut 13,000 Jobs

American Airlines told its union workers today it plans to cut as many as 13,000 jobs, which is about 15 percent of its workforce.

Nearly 15% of American Employees to be Cut

As CNN reports, the biggest cuts will fall on maintenance operations, but others will feel the axe as well. The following are initial estimates of proposed employee cuts:

  • 4,600 in maintenance operations
  • 4,000 ground workers
  • 2,300 flight attendants
  • 1,000 in management
  • 400 pilots and first officers

No indication yet when any cuts will be made.

Should Passengers Worry about American’s Bankruptcy?

American Airlines Drops Flight Routes

American, which filed for bankruptcy in late November, has already been dropping flight routes in recent weeks including service to Delhi, India. The carrier also plans to end service to Southern California’s Burbank Airport as of Feb. 9.

Employee cuts were expected. Last week we reported that American’s CEO issued a letter to his workforce telling them that they would emerge from the bankruptcy process as a leaner airline adding, ‘We will obviously end the process with fewer people.” That has proved to be something of an understatement.


Published: February 1, 2012