American Airlines Finds Jack the Cat at JFK After Two Months

Back on Aug. 25, Karen Pascoe checked her crated cat Jack with American Airlines before getting ready to board a plane at JFK. Unfortunately, just before the flight took off, Jack escaped, setting off a massive search of the international airport that ended happily last night, when the cat was finally discovered by American employees in the customs room.

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Found Cat was ‘Bright Eyed’ but Tired

The cat, who had been on the run two months to the day after his disappearance, was described on his Facebook page (it has more than 16,000 “likes”) as being tired but “bright-eyed and dirty.” He was also thirsty and had apparently lost weight. It’s not clear what he subsisted on, but it was probably a good thing the animal originally weighed in at an impressive 18 pounds.

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American had been holding fairly regular briefings on the search for Jack, but last month some of the cat’s supporters concluded that the creature had been forgotten by the airline. Clearly that was not the case, and kudos to American for rescuing the animal. The airline said it eventually hired a pet detective and enlisted the assistance of search dogs (which may have been a misstep in Jack’s mind). Meanwhile, the question of how and why Jack managed to escape his crate in the first place seems to be a matter under investigation.

This was Jack’s Second Rescue

By the way, this wasn’t the first time Jack had to be rescued. His owner originally saved him from an uncertain fate when she adopted him from a New York City animal shelter.

Upper right photo of Jack the Cat from his Facebook page


Published: October 26, 2011