American Airlines Fares Return to Orbitz

Well, that was fast.

Tuesday (Aug. 26), American Airlines announced it would no longer make it fares available on Orbitz. Now, the carrier says its fares will return as of today (Aug. 29). Here is more from American’s rather terse press release:

American  Airlines Back on Orbitz

“American Airlines Group Inc. announced that American Airlines fares will return to Orbitz on Friday after the companies earlier today entered into a letter of intent. American Airlines Group also no longer plans to remove US Airways fares from Orbitz on Sept. 1 as previously announced. The companies are working toward final agreements based on the letter of intent.” –AA press release, 8-29-14

What FareCompare Shoppers Should Know

Not much, really. American’s fares have always been available on FareCompare, along with those of 500+ other airlines. Find out more about the American/Orbitz saga here.


Published: August 29, 2014