American Airlines Bankruptcy Update: New Routes, New Merger Talk

American may be in the midst of bankruptcy proceedings, but there’s life in the old airline still – and signs that it could emerge not just solvent, but triumphant. Consider the following:

How American Ranks on Passenger Complaints

American Take-over of US Airways?

Forbes is reporting that American could make an offer to acquire rival US Airways – the latter carrier has been in the news for months, presenting its case for why it should take over American. Despite this ongoing speculation, an analyst cited by Forbes maintains that American has the money for a take-over, and it could persuade creditors that such a merger is key to its ultimate recovery.

Ouch – American Hit with Record Fine for What?

American Expands International Routes

In other American news, the carrier is carrying out a rather dramatic expansion of its international routes. Although in the immediate aftermath of its bankruptcy filing, most of the attention was focused on small domestic cities that lost AA service or saw it sharply curtailed, it’s another story outside the U.S.

American – We’ll Deliver Your Bags

This summer, for example, American announced expanded service from cities including New York and Miami to South American destinations – new flights are being added to Asuncion, Bogota, Buenos Aires, Sao Paulo and more.

Don’t count the old carrier out just yet.


Published: August 21, 2012