AirTran to End Service with Final Flight in December

What will AirTran soon have in common with carriers like Pan Am, TWA and People Express?  It will no longer fly. As the Associated Press reports, final take-off is set for Dec. 28. After that, AirTran will be just another name in those historical “whatever happened to” articles. So – what happened?

AirTran-Southwest Merger Finalizes

Southwest happened. It closed a deal to purchase smaller, discount carrier AirTran Airways back in 2011 and the two fleets have been moving slowly but surely toward total merger ever since. The most recent changes have been Southwest’s takeover of AirTran’s Caribbean routes which begin this summer.

In the meantime, the distinctive lower case ‘a’ that was AirTran’s logo is disappearing under layers of red, gold and blue as Southwest repaints the aircraft.

Final Flight into History

AirTran’s final December flight will travel from Atlanta to Tampa – which was the inaugural route of ValuJet until its merger with AirTran in 1997 – when it too became just another name for the history books.


Published: May 27, 2014