Airlines with Most Loyal Passengers

Do you have a favorite airline, one you fly whenever possible? That’s not the way to find the cheapest flights (because no airline always has the best deal) but it can help rack up points in miles programs. So which airlines foster the most loyalty? Some surprises.

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Airlines with Loyal Passengers

According to the annual Brand Keys Customer Loyalty Engagement Index in which the New York-based research firm surveyed more than 42,000 people, Air Canada has lost the top spot to JetBlue. Here are best-to-worst for 2016 (numbers in parentheses are 2015’s ranking).

  1. JetBlue (2)
  2. Air Canada (1)
  3. Delta (5)
  4. United (last)
  5. Tie: Southwest and WestJet (tied for 3)
  6. American (6)

According to Motley Fool, JetBlue is riding high partly due to its young fleet but also be cause of its good rewards program with no-expire points and ease in accumulation.

As for Southwest, Fool cites two possible factors including a change in its miles program and drop in jet fuel prices which “could allow the majors to be more cost-competitive with national airlines like Southwest.”

Take this for what it’s worth; other number one brands in the survey included Avis at the top of the rental car heap, Pepsi over Coke (for regular soft drinks) and Colgate over Crest.


Updated: March 21, 2016