Airlines Start Saying "No" to Cell Phone Calls on Planes

Earlier this week, the CEO of Delta Air Lines reportedly told his employees that Delta will not allow cell conversations on planes or even internet-based calls. And furthermore, he doesn’t really care what the Federal Communications Commission ultimately allows or doesn’t allow (see below for information on how to let the FCC know where you stand).

FAA says yes to iPads and other devices

Call Ban Being Reconsidered

This isn’t the only push-back to the federal government’s decision to reconsider its ban on such calls but even if the ban is ultimately lifted, airlines are within their rights to ban voice calls on their aircraft. Today, JetBlue also went on record as being against it, and others are hopping on the bandwagon. Here’s the latest round-up:

Which Airlines Say No

  • American: Has not yet taken a position
  • Delta: No
  • JetBlue: No
  • Southwest: No
  • United: No for now, but still evaluating passenger reaction

By the way, a few international airlines do allow voice calls on their planes including Emirates, though not in U.S. airspace – at least, for now.

Let the FCC Know What You Think

The FCC welcomes the public’s comments and if you’d like to weigh in, you can go to the FCC website for information on how to do this. The site also features a useful FAQ on the topic.


Published: December 18, 2013