Airlines Pile on More Flights for Super Bowl as Ticket Prices Rise

It seems unlikely a carrier would boast of being “New Jersey’s largest airline” but that’s what United is doing. When Super Bowl travel is at stake, all bets are off – and now, United is adding even more flights for fans. They’re not alone.

Super Bowl Travel Guide: Airports, flights and more

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American/US Airways, United Add Flights

Click the airline name, find a flight.

United Airlines: The airline has two flights to Newark from each city, plus three back home to Seattle and four back to Denver. See the complete list here.

American/US Airways: The carrier is adding five additional non-stop flights, but only to/from Seattle. NOTE: These flights can only be booked via and not through American. The line-up:

  • Friday, Jan. 31 – Seattle departures: from Seattle: Flight #690 departs at 8 a.m.; flight #1998 departs at 10 a.m.
  • Monday, Feb. 3 – Newark departures: Flight #699 departs at 8 a.m., flight #698 departs at Noon, flight  #1998 departs at 1 p.m.

What Super Bowl Flights Cost

FareCompare looked at prices this morning (Jan. 22) and airfares are creeping up. Shoppers who wait to buy airline tickets within seven days of departure risk serious wallet interception.

  • From Seattle, Friday/Monday flights: From $640 to $700 round-trip. Non-stops are running about $1,150
  • From Denver, Friday/Monday flights: From $240 round-trip. Non-stops are running about $580

Don’t Forget Las Vegas

A lot of fans like to gather in Sin City to take in the game. And if the game gets boring, it’s possible they’ll find other amusements.

  • Seattle to Las Vegas, from about $500 round-trip
  • Denver to Las Vegas, from about $415 round-trip

But say you’d prefer a nice warm beach instead of the chill of a New Jersey stadium; see FareCompare for the best-priced flights to more winning destinations.


Updated: November 16, 2015