Airline Food – In-Flight Meals Good Enough for a Cookbook

Not All Airline Food is Bad

Would you pay for an airline cookbook? Would you pay $68 for an airline cookbook?

Before you shout, “No!” – what if this cookbook was from Singapore Airlines?

That’s right, Singapore – the airline favorite of discriminating travelers.

The cookbook is called, “Above & Beyond”.

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You can now buy the cookbook on the airline’s website – and it features celebrity chef contributors like TV’s MasterChef Gordon Ramsay, who not so coincidentally happens to sit on Singapore Airlines International Culinary Panel.

And buy the way, the food in this volume, or most of it, is said to be some of the actual meals served on the airline.

Recipes for Crab and Beef

Recipes include Crab Curry Patta, Malaba-style (which involves coconut and mint chutney) and the aforementioned Ramsay’s Pot-au-Feu Beef (which involves…beef cheeks).

By the way, you coach travelers in the U.S. can still get a free hot meal on Continental – if you hurry! The carrier is dropping this perk, sadly, beginning Oct. 12.

Cookbook Proceeds Go to Charity

By the way, all proceeds from the sale of the cookbook go to charity, specifically the Community Chest of Singapore, which makes spending $68 a little easier to swallow.

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Published: September 30, 2010